What is a Functional Nutritionist?

As a Functional nutritionist I’m not simply focused on nutrition for general health.  Instead, I focus on using food, supplements, and lifestyle modifications as therapeutic agents to improve how various body systems and organs are working.  Healing on this deep level is what allows for the resolution of chronic symptoms.

Watch the video below to learn more about how a Functional Nutritionist different from any other kind of nutritionist or dietician.


Here are some of the key points I cover in this video:

  • How Functional Nutrition can help to resolve symptoms by focusing on restoring function to the body systems and organs
  • Functional Nutrition focuses on what’s going on for an individual, not on which foods are good or bad
  • The assessment tools I use to gather clues about where you may need more support and what steps to take next
  • The biggest misconception about what a nutritionist does (hint: it’s not about judging what you’re eating)
  • My long-term goal for each client I work with


To find out more about how you can use food to help you feel better, watch this video.




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