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Recipe Demo: Warm Cinnamon Milk

This week I’ve been sharing a lot of fall dessert recipes on Facebook, and I’ve also been testing some of them out!  I like to share healthy options for desserts, especially this time of year, since it can be tricky to find something that works with your food restrictions and is still delicious!


We made an interesting pumpkin pie pudding with homemade pumpkin pie spice (I leave out the mace).  The pudding did have a hint of banana flavor, but was still husband-approved.  Gabriella and I also made an apple crisp this morning with her Granny and one of her aunts.  It was easy, fun, and really yummy!


So to go along with this theme, I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes for a hot drink this time of year.  It’s Warm Cinnamon Milk and I have a few variations I’ll list in the recipe notes below the video:


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Crowd it out!

I recently shared my sister’s experience cutting sugar from her diet.  One of the best strategies for making dietary changes, especially when you’re eliminating something from your diet, is called “crowding out”.


The idea is that you don’t simply eliminate something without adding something in it’s place.  And since feeling deprived will definitely not help you have long-term success, I wanted to share some of my favorite healthy store-bought sweet treats that can really help when you’re initially letting go of sugar.


As I mention in the short video below, I do have a caveat that may apply to you!  Depending on where you are in your healing journey, the sweeteners that I initially recommend for someone who is transitioning away from refined white sugar may already be off the table for you.


Everyone’s healing journey is different and if you’re just getting started, these are some good options for you!  If you’re more complex (like me!) don’t hesitate to contact me and we can talk through your options!


Here is the link to the Simple Mills brand of crackers and cookies mentioned in the video.

And here are some of my other favorite store-bought sweet foods: Read more »

Have you tried this dairy-free yogurt?

I recently came across a dairy-free yogurt option at my local health food store that is quickly becoming a household favorite, so I wanted to share it with you too!  It’s called COYO and it’s a dairy-free yogurt made from coconut cream (the cream from coconut milk).


The reason I was so excited about it is because it’s UNSWEETENED!  It’s not too difficult to find foods these days that are free from all sorts of allergens and additives.  The trouble comes when you’re trying to avoid multiple things (like I am), and you realize that finding a yogurt that is dairy-free AND sugar-free and still tastes good is pretty hard to come by.


In the video below, Gabriella taste-tests the berry flavor for the first time:

There are 4 flavors to choose from: Read more »

Veggie inspiration + my Pesto recipe!

One thing I love about this time of year is all of the fresh produce that is available at the farmer’s market (and also in the front yard gardens in my neighborhood!).  We get a weekly share of veggies from a nearby farm and there are certainly some interesting things that show up.  It’s a challenge to figure out how to use everything, and it sure gets me away from my tendency to rely on the same vegetables week to week!


Watch today’s video to see what came in our share this week, and read on below for my pesto recipe!


With all of the garlic scapes that have been coming my way, I’ve made pesto 3 or 4 times in 1 week.  Yum!  Here’s my recipe (adapted from a recipe by Ricki Heller):

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Demo: Matcha Green Tea Latte

Green tea is known for boosting brain power and mental clarity, and being a rich source of antioxidants.  Matcha is a powdered form of green tea and when you drink tea made with matcha, you are consuming the entire tea leaf, increasing its health benefits.


Watch the video the learn how Gabriella and I make our favorite matcha green tea latte!



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Tips for Healthy Snacking

Is snacking a healthy habit?  You’ll likely read conflicting viewpoints about this and it really depends on what’s going on in your body.  Ideally you aren’t grazing all day long because your digestive system does need a break in between meals to function optimally.  If you’re someone who can manage longer stretches between meals without getting hungry, don’t feel the need to snack just for the sake of it!  However, if you get hungry or have an energy dip between meals, incorporating snacks will likely be supportive for you.

In this video, I share my tips for how to make snacks a healthy part of your day, and I’ll also share some ideas for healthy snack combinations.


A healthy snack will sustain your energy without spiking your blood sugar.  So your snack should include a source of fat, fiber, and protein.  Why?   Read more »

Should I Eat Fruit Alone or with Protein?

Today I’m answering a question from viewer Nicole.

Nicole says, “There is conflicting info out there about eating fruit with a protein. I always found that eating a little protein (nuts, almond butter, etc) with my fruit helps sustain my energy but some articles out there tell people never to mix the two. Any ideas?”


Watch the video below for my answer!

Key Takeaways:

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