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Recipe Demo: Warm Cinnamon Milk

This week I’ve been sharing a lot of fall dessert recipes on Facebook, and I’ve also been testing some of them out!  I like to share healthy options for desserts, especially this time of year, since it can be tricky to find something that works with your food restrictions and is still delicious!


We made an interesting pumpkin pie pudding with homemade pumpkin pie spice (I leave out the mace).  The pudding did have a hint of banana flavor, but was still husband-approved.  Gabriella and I also made an apple crisp this morning with her Granny and one of her aunts.  It was easy, fun, and really yummy!


So to go along with this theme, I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes for a hot drink this time of year.  It’s Warm Cinnamon Milk and I have a few variations I’ll list in the recipe notes below the video:


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Try these low carb, no-cook noodles!

Are you avoiding wheat or refined flours in general? Are you looking for a healthy substitute for noodles? Try Kelp Noodles! They are made from seaweed and are thin, clear, flavorless noodles. They can be eaten raw and don’t require any cooking! They are crunchy at first so I find that acidic sauces work best to soften them up.


You can also try soaking them for about 30 minutes in some hot water with lemon juice and salt. Then just rinse before adding them to your dish.


The brand I use is called Sea Tangle and you can find it in healthfood stores in the refrigerated section next to the tofu.


Watch the video below to see what they look like, and read on below for 2 kelp noodle recipes!



Kelp Noodle “Spaghetti”

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Are you new to using canned coconut milk? Here’s a demo!

There has been some controversy recently around whether or not the fat from coconuts is healthy.  Given that this fat can help with metabolism and weight loss, improve cholesterol markers, and has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, I’m really not worried!


I use coconut oil and full-fat canned coconut milk on a daily basis.  If you are looking for a way to substitute dairy milk or cream in some of your recipes, give coconut milk a try!


Last month when we were on vacation with my family, my dad saw me open a can of coconut milk and was very perplexed that it seemed to be solidified.  So thanks, Dad for inspiring this video!


Watch as I show you what to do with a can of coconut milk, especially when it’s separated when you open it.  I also mention several ways to start incorporating coconut milk into your recipes.  If you’ve looking for a creamy alternative to dairy milk then give coconut milk a try!


The brand of coconut milk that I use is Read more »

What does 10 servings of fruits & veggies really look like?

I shared this article on Facebook the other day and it got me curious about what 10 servings of fruits and vegetables really looks like.  So Gabriella and I spent 15 minutes coming up with 8 vegetables and 2 fruits to show you!


The general rule on serving size is 1 cup raw fruit or veggies, 1/2 cup cooked, and 2 cups of salad greens all equals one serving.  Watch the video below to see how we did it!



Now I want to challenge you to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your day!  You’ll reap benefits from anything you add on to what you’re already doing, even if you can’t quite get all the way to 10 servings.

Veggie inspiration + my Pesto recipe!

One thing I love about this time of year is all of the fresh produce that is available at the farmer’s market (and also in the front yard gardens in my neighborhood!).  We get a weekly share of veggies from a nearby farm and there are certainly some interesting things that show up.  It’s a challenge to figure out how to use everything, and it sure gets me away from my tendency to rely on the same vegetables week to week!


Watch today’s video to see what came in our share this week, and read on below for my pesto recipe!


With all of the garlic scapes that have been coming my way, I’ve made pesto 3 or 4 times in 1 week.  Yum!  Here’s my recipe (adapted from a recipe by Ricki Heller):

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Demo: Matcha Green Tea Latte

Green tea is known for boosting brain power and mental clarity, and being a rich source of antioxidants.  Matcha is a powdered form of green tea and when you drink tea made with matcha, you are consuming the entire tea leaf, increasing its health benefits.


Watch the video the learn how Gabriella and I make our favorite matcha green tea latte!



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What’s the Deal with Carbs and Grains? ~plus~ Detox Registration is OPEN!

You’ve probably heard about low-carb diets and grain-free diets, but are these really healthy for you?  What’s the difference, and how do you know if it’s something you should try?

In this video, I clarify my views on carbohydrates and grains. (Plus pay attention to the last 2 minutes for details on the upcoming detox!)


If you want to find out more about how to sort out which carbohydrates are working for you and which aren’t, join me in the upcoming 2-week Blood Sugar Detox program!


Detox Program Details:

This 2-week blood sugar balancing program was created by my mentor, functional medicine nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama. She’s designed this detox to enable you to eliminate your sugar cravings, reach your ideal weight, and become the BOSS of your daily food intake so that you’re back in control.

The best news is that I’m one of her select Program Partners, offering the program to my community along with some added bonuses and opportunities (exclusive to you!) The detox starts on April 19th and I can’t wait to have you join me!

The program itself includes:
  • 4 audio classes with functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama and a Candida expert and chef
  • Full recipes and protocol for the whole two-week detox
  • A stellar bonus course that helps you navigate the world of sugar detox and alternative solutions (and help you understand why)
  • Online support from Andrea & her functional nutrition team throughout the program
  • AND in addition to what Andrea provides in the online detox, as her partner (and yours), I will be providing you with additional video tutorials to walk you through the program, step-by-step.


Click the button below to register:

There’s a special price discount that ends on Tuesday, April 11th!  (And don’t worry. Even though my name isn’t on the registration page, I’ll be with you every step of the way!)

My Favorite Sweeteners

I first ditched refined sugar at the end of 2009 and switched to natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey.  After I made the switch, it was easy to stay away from refined sugar since it would give me migraines.

One year ago as part of a detox program, I gave up even these natural sweeteners in favor of the two I discuss in the video below.  I saw some improvements in my health and even lost 10lbs so now these are the only two sweeteners I use on a regular basis.


Watch the video below to learn which two sweeteners I prefer and how I use them in recipes.


Here are some links to the sweetener brands I like:

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How to Make Healthy Cooking Taste Even Better

Have you ever made a dish that just won’t come together flavor-wise?  Or are you struggling to make healthy meals taste better?  Then I have a trick for you!  Just remember the acronym FASS.


Watch the video below to learn what FASS stands for and how it can help you make your home-cooked meals taste even better!


Here are some links to the things I mentioned in the video:

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