Are you tired of dealing with chronic symptoms that interfere with living your everyday life? 

You want to feel better.  You're tired of not having the energy to get through the day.  You don't want your symptoms to keep getting in the way of social situations.  You've tried everything you can think of and still feel a bit lost when it comes to managing your symptoms.  You'd love to have someone guide you through what you can do to take charge of your health.  You want your life back.

We might be perfect for each other if:

  • You want to say goodbye to your chronic symptoms
  • You want to find out what foods are supportive for you and which are only adding to your struggles
  • You want a customized action plan based on what's going on in your body​

Just a bit about me

I am Melanie Nupp, Functional Nutritionist.  I started Melanie Nupp Nutrition because I am endlessly fascinated by how the food we eat influences how our bodies function and I wanted to bring that experience to people dealing with chronic symptoms and chronic illnesses. 

I believe that we are all unique and that it's possible for us all to find a way of eating that will best support our health and our lives. 


How I can help you

I offer:

  • Private Functional Nutrition Consultations via phone: We'll dig deep into your history, current signs and symptoms, lab results, and current diet. Then we'll identify action steps to take with food, supplements, and lifestyle factors to help you feel better.

I have a special place in my heart for clients who:

  • ​Are ready to take the reins and make a difference in their health 
  • Like experimenting with new foods and recipes
  • Love checklists and to-do lists!

Read more about how nutrition consultations work, explore some of my recent tips and recipes, read what others are saying, and tell me what you need.